Friday, July 8, 2011

the 4th of July & more..

So, July fun day!! I just spent it with some good old buddies! Mainly Ms. Abby Foster!! :) Oh I do enjoy that girl's company ;) 
Abby getting candy at the parade!

Watched the Menan Parade, went boating...

My pal Kaden Robison!!

At Carson's house.. they had something called a 'Harry Potter Dual' or something? They're really nerdy. But they just light off fireworks at eachother..and Abby's eyebrow ended up singed.. :( I can't find the picture of it though...
Then, we went to the Idaho Falls fireworks! They were so amazing..I could feel them like in my throat and stuff..ahh i love fireworks!
Firework pictures never really quite turn out...
Afterwards, we went to Denny's.. and Abby lost her phone so we stood outside of a hotel for like an hour waiting for this lady to bring it back and our food got cold. But it was alright! We witnessed a cop just chewing out this guy way bad and that was pretty entertaining!

Yesterday, I had my SENIOR PICTURES done by Amber Hall Photography! To see her FB here:!/IdahoFallsPhotography

Anyways, she's so much fun! & I can't wait to see the rest :) Tonight I'm meeting up with Lainer! (Lainee Albertson) for a fun-filled time! 

Sincerely, Caroline. 26 Days until France!


  1. Hey I didn't know you had a blog miss caro! I am following it now!! :D

  2. haha yess!!!! i still dont know how to do cute stuff like you do...but i guess this works right? :)